Bucket list

Riding around Iceland was on my bucket list for a long time. But who could have thought that I would be riding around Iceland on my own motorbike! We (3 friends, husband and me) explored all 3 options; taking the ferry from Denmark to Iceland, renting bikes on Iceland or shipping our own bikes to Iceland. In the end the cheapest and fastest option was the last one.

So yesterday we brought our bikes to the Rotterdam harbour to be shipped by Samskip to Iceland. collage1The cargo ship Arnarfell is shipping our precious cargo and we will be reunited the 7th of July in Iceland. It feels like a part of me is ripped out and missing… Fortunately I can track Bumblebee via the app Find ship to see where he is. vesselfinder is a nice option too, because it also shows live information about the vessel. Counting the days…until we meet again.

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