Packing & prepping tips

While the bikes already travel by sea from Rotterdam-Cuxhaven-Arhus-Varberg to Iceland we are brainstorming what last stuff to bring by plane. Before the bikes were shipped we had to pack our lugagge on the bikes. And since we know this trip will not be a fashionista trip it is important to bring the essentials and use the limited space as good as possible. Some tips for packing:

  • Make a packing list depending on your destination and remember that you probably bring too much stuff anyway. So less is more šŸ˜‰ I used the Iceland packing list and adjusted it. I divided items in “chambers” (sleeping, kitchen, bathroom, valuables, entertainment and motorcycle) so it is easy to organize your stuff.
  • I use Deuter light drypack bags which are water resistant and compressing your clothes to the max!
  • Bring layers so you can combine clothing on cold days and lose layers when it is warming up. Take layers to keep warm and layers to keep you dry.
  • I brought my goretex motorboots (Daytona) motorjacket and trousers (Revit) built up in layers that are easily zipped in or out and an extra set of gloves.
  • Perfume bottles are big and often fragile. Bring your own perfume in a small spray bottle
  • Put liquids that might leak in a ziplock bag as extra security measure (and from own experience I can tell you it is worthwile doing ;p).
  • Music is nice to have with you. I made my own playlist on Spotify and can listen offline by downloading it on my mobile phone. Add a Portable Bluetooth speaker and you have great music anywhere.
  • On the bike we use a communication set and custom made earplugs (wind is making you deaf while riding without noticing).
  • Since we are traveling with a party of five we decided to prebook all accomodations with Airbnb which is a cheap option if you are not planning to go camping.


Prepping Bumblebee

  • Apart from the usual check up (tyre pressure, fluids, brakes, suspension etc.) engine guards (Givi) are nice to have in case you tip over.
  • The surface is not always solid if you park your motorbike. Since I only have a jiffy stand, I am really happy installing a Camel toe (jiffy enlarger) which works great!
  • Suspension is safety and comfort. Since Bumblebee was a little bit to high for me, I installed Hyperpro to lower it and to have better progressive suspension.
  • In winter you think of heated gloves, but not in summer though it can be cold during bad weather. So I installed heated grips (Oxford) to keep my hands warm.
  • Sun and ridingĀ  out of tunnels/forest can be blinding so I have a helmet with integrated sun visor (HJC) which is easy to use and also protects you against insects&wind when you ride with opened visor).
  • For easier clutch and brake control I installed V-trec which also bend if you drop so they won t break.




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