The end of the world

From Akureyri we rode to Holmavik. A small place in the Westfjords. It is a long and scenic ride with large parts unpaved roads. Fortunately the weather was good. But it feels like the end of the world. Lots of people moved out of the Westfjords and not a lot of tourists visit but it is worth the visit when the weather is good. 

During our stay in Holmavik the weather turned pretty wet cold and windy. We did a short walk of an hour walking up to a nice view point above Holmavik when it was sunny. The local swimming pool is really nice and for 800 kronar you can switch between an outdoor pool and 3 baths ranging from 34,39 up to 42 Celsius. I bought a woolen cap in Akureyri from Icewear to stay warm outside the hot tubs 😉 Made out of Icelandic wool and hand-knitted. There are not really a lot of interesting souvenirs but this cap is practical and warm. And it is a funny thought that the numerous sheep that we encountered during our road trips provided the wool for my cap. It is funny to see that the sheep are mostly roaming around in gangs of three.

We wanted to hike a little bit more in the bird rich areas but the weather was so wet that we rode to a swimming pool that was built by a guy who needed swimming therapy and didn’t want to go to Reykjavik for that every week. Now you can use the pool by paying 400 kronar at the farm. While the wind was whistling through the slightly opened windows we enjoyed the indoor pool and outdoor hot tub. A tub with a view on a waterfall with hot thermic water that fills the pool. 

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