Last miles to Reykjavik

From Holmavik we drove to West where we stayed at a lake named Skorradalsvatn in a very nice Airbnb. Before arriving we climbed the Grabrok crater which is next to the ring road. Next day we made a little tour in the area of the lake. Riding back to Reykjavik we handed in our motorcycles and explored the town. What will I miss Bumblebee until we meet again in Rotterdam the 2nd of August. It feels like leaving part of yourself behind. I am really happy with my bike and it took me around Iceland safely no matter if it was wet and windy or a rough road. Last day of our trip I rode an Icelandic horse which was great to experience the special tölt. From 64 to 1 horsepower 😉 They are very strong and can carry up to 110 kg. 

All together we had a great time in Iceland. Nature is overwhelming and discovering it by motorbike just makes you experience everything so intense with all your senses. Around every corner a completely new landscape is turning up. Roads are sometimes straight and made of smooth tarmac and another moment there is just a gravel or dirt road going up and down the mountains with 10% decline and serpentine. For more Iceland images check my Facebook page or Instagram. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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