Escaping Autumn in France

Since we did not have a great summer and Iceland is not really the summer destination on earth, the three of us decided to hit the road to France to catch some sun. For the first time we used a motortrailer which is very practical if you haven’t got a lot of time and want to avoid boring highway riding on your motorbike.IMG_20170913_131727Leaving with rain and very stormy weather we arrived in the South of France with sun. After a chilly start with the Tramontane wind bashing in fortunately temperature started to rise. We rode on great roads through stunning nature in the Haute Languedoc area.

Since it is off season we had the roads to ourselves and the temperature was great for riding (around 20-25 degrees Celsius). Roads are winding through the mountains and with a speed limit of 90 km/h are like a legal circuit. DSC_0227Based near Saint-Pons-de-Thomieres on a campsite we visited ancient Minerve where we had the best Galettes for lunch and… DSC_0001IMG_20170915_125947…also visited the famous city of Carcassonne which I only knew by name of the similar named game. Visiting on a Sunday we had free entrance to roam through the castle and enjoy the great views.IMG_20170917_155101Since it was pretty cold as soon as the sun set, we decided to swap the campsite for an AirBnB in Roubia after a week. From Roubia it was a short distance to the beaches of Narbonne plage and Gruissan plage. Again in off season you’ve got the whole beach to yourself. The water is pretty cold, but a quick dip is always fun. Bringing a tent to put all the motor gear in was very practical too!IMG_20170920_121912IMG_20170920_125029Roubia is a very small village along the Canal du Midi. No shops apart from wine houses, but closeby in Lezignan Corbieres is all you need. Especially the very tasty daily fresh French baquettes 🙂IMG_20170921_200547La grotte de Clamouse is really worth visiting as well. It is a fairytale like world underground and you are mesmerized during the 1,5 hours guided trip through the caves. IMG_20170919_153240DSC_0219.JPGWe visited the Camargue national park which suffered from a long dry season this year like we already saw in the mountains as well. But despite the drought we spotted flamingo’s, horses and cows.DSC_0285DSC_0303DSC_0288We decided on our way home to stop in Luxembourg and enjoy one great day of riding there. Arriving late we had a great stay again @Ed and Paula and could stay in one of their huts on the campsite after enjoying a fresh draft beer. It is great riding on a Monday since you are almost alone on the roads riding through the Ardennes with smooth tarmac and winding roads and hairpins.IMG_20170925_144236

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