Observe, anticipate & enjoy!

Since I ride motorcycle I experience traffic completely different. Being outside on a balance vehicle surrendered to the elements I observe and anticipate with a clear purpose. Being able to park my Bumblebee in the garage in one piece including myself! Motorcycling is great fun taking in the scenery, enjoying winding roads touring around. But it takes a lot of concentration. Why?

While riding you have to scan the road surface all the time, looking for possible slippery things like oil, gravel, white marks on the road, speed bumps or objects. When the road is clear you are not safe yet.

There is other traffic mostly consisting of cars and trucks that can cause a lot of trouble. Suddenly changing lanes without indicating, braking, bending without indicating, opening doors while parked, driving backwards from a parking spot onto the road, overtaking from the other side, cutting off, but the worst one is…

…people using a mobile phone while driving. No people, we can not multitask! It is a neuromyth. But I am a woman! No even women can’t multitask. By using the phone people are slowing down, are crossing their lane and have a longer driver reaction time which can mean the difference between safe or an accident. When people were going from the left to the right and back again I used to think either they are drunk or might suffer a stroke while driving. Nowadays I immediately know they are using their mobile phone. What can be more important than avoiding accidents and saving lives? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

So people please go offline and just leave your phone at ease while in traffic. Instead observe the world around you and see how nice it is to move around and take in the scenery without being in a hurry. And while you are at it. Keep an eye on motorcyclists around you and give them especially during rush hour space to pass through the traffic jam. It is really getting very hot if you have to stand still on a motorbike apart from the fact that it is dangerous in case of a multiple collision.


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