Bumblebee break down

Some disadvantages have advantages. While Ophelia brings heavy storm to Ireland the Netherlands are experiencing some of the warmest Autumn days ever on the other site of the Channel. We decided to make use of this beautiful sunny Sunday and take Bumblebee and Megatron for a tour partly around the north of the IJsselmeer which used to be a see (Zuiderzee) before it was cultivated. 

Starting from Amersfoort we take the highway to Kampen and the exit to winding roads through small places and over the dikes. With great views on the lake. 
We take a small ferry at Genemuiden and discover that we are definitely not the only bikers enjoying this exceptional autumn day! 

Apart from the bikers there are also lots of hikers, cyclists and boats on their way through the green landscape though coloring yellow orange and red.

Our stomachs start to rumble and we decide to have lunch in Blokzijl wich has a small harbour and old Dutch houses. We enjoy a homemade meatball with mustard in the warm sun on the terrace together with other bikers. The parking lot is jammed with lots of bikes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It does not matter how expensive or fancy your bike is. If you ride you all experience the same thrill of playing with your bike taking in the scenery and scents around you.

The sheep sleep and munch grass on the dikes while we pass by. A variety of birds flying through the air. We take the Afsluitdijk which connects Friesland with Noord-Holland. Two provinces of the Netherlands. By the way this brings me to why Holland is not the same as the Netherlands. Though used by many including Dutchies themselves (because it is simply shorter and easier) Holland refers to the provinces North and South Holland. The Netherlands refers to the whole country. So now you know the difference 😉 
We end up in Enkhuizen where we visit my best friend who just ended a sail race as third and layed anchor in the harbour of Enkhuizen. The sun is already sinking and showing that although the weather feels like summer the days are shorter. We decide to ride back home cruising the Markerwaarddijk to the other side again. Enjoying the great light show the sun gives while setting over the lake. 

We enter the highway on the other side for the last 45 minutes home to Amersfoort and then disaster strikes. Bumblebee already has some hick ups starting the engine getting worser by the end of the day. While driving the left lane of the highway with 130 km/h suddenly Bumblebee loses all power. I feel it’s wrong and immediately make my way to the emergency lane. Safely there I ring the road assistance (ANWB Wegenwacht) and while waiting with my husband in the grass at a safe distance a motorcyclist on an old-timer stops and asks if he can help. He quickly gives some pointers what it could be and is on his way again after he learns we already have assistance on the way. This is really what distinguishes bikers from car drivers. There is a great sense of brotherhood to help each other out. 

We wait for the assistance while it is getting dark fast. I am happy the emergency lights of my husband’s BMW blink bright because it is actually quite dangerous waiting here in the dark on the emergency lane. 

The assistance arrives and concludes the same. It is too dangerous to fix the bike here and it needs more time to fix the cause which probably is the sensor or fuel pump. The tow truck is called and half an hour later Bumblebee is towed and we drop him off at my best friend who will fix him again when spare parts arrive. It is such a horrific site seeing Bumblebee on the tow truck. But he will be fine again soon. To be continued…

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  1. zed14 says:

    It’s never good to see your bike on the back of a truck. I hope it’s nothing serious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bikerbee says:

      No it is not a nice sight but it will be all right. 🙂


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