Future motorcycling

With the EICMA in Milan the excitement for the new generation of motorcycles starts again. But what will motorcycling in the future look like? It is hard to say since we always use our own reference set and the possibilities that are available now. But we already get a small peek in the future. 

For example the self balancing bike by Honda or BMW. But not only the bike but also the accessories get more and more integrated technology. To me it seems that the technology can do three things. Make life easier on the bike with technology that helps you navigate, communicate and see more. Second integrated technology can make you more visible to others and show better whether you brake or blink. Third technology can make riding safer. For example airbag systems and neck braces.

But I also think technology can have a downside. Our brain is only capable of having one focus while riding. Everything next to the riding is distracting you and can cause accidents. Technology is great but can always malfunction. It does not replace you as a rider but assists you. Still you have to be in control and decide. Better safe than sorry. And riding defensive is still the best strategy to avoid accidents.

I am using a communication system and that is great if you ride together. But I only use it if it is really necessary. To point on danger when riding upfront or to warn that I have to wait for a red light. Phone function is something I never use on the motorcycle. It can wait until I make a stop somewhere. In this world in which you have to be connected 24/7 it is great to tune out while riding. Music is nice to listen to while riding but only outside the city or on boring highway stretches and with a volume that I can still hear emergency cars etc. Navigation is great but I must say I try not to look too often on my screen since I one-time almost missed a bend because I kept my eye too long on the Navi screen.

We all make our own choices and technology can make things easier and safer but we must not forget to think and keep focus. 

And no matter how advanced technology gets so far motobot can’t beat man & machine šŸ˜‰ #forzaRossi

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