Operation Bumblebee 

After a melt down on the highway some weeks ago Bumblebee is fixed again. With the enormous help of my friend who is mechanic we operated Bumblebee. First we changed the sensor for a new one and to be sure we also changed the fuel pump with the help of a donor bike. I find it fascinating what a different world you meet when removing the “skin” of the bike and get a look inside.I am always surprised that things look so incredibly simple (but smart) once you take a good look in how they are constructed. Although at first glance it all looks so technical and complex. Every time we operate Bumblebee I learn more about how a bike works. Very interesting! I am not claiming to be able to do it on my own next time but it gives more understanding and is just great fun to dissemble and assemble parts. Important is to make pictures how parts looke like before taking them apart and organize the parts in a way that you are able to assemble them again. You can keep left and right side parts separated for example. 

While we were at it we also changed the windscreen for a much cooler one and changed the cable of the Tomtom rider navigation which always malfunctions after a while for some reason (probably because of humid and vibration). We changed oil and the oil filter. Good advice is to close the hole where the old oil disappears into before screwing the bold back in with the chance of dropping into the black hole.

There are various courses you can do to learn the basics. I did a course a few years ago via the KNMV That was fun but if you don’t practice it on your own bike it easily slips away. Since every bike is unique it is good to learn more about how things work for your bike. You never know when it comes in handy during a roadtrip. And if you cannot fix it fortunately there is always road assistance 🙂After Bumblebee was successfully operated and diagnosed as recovered we drank on that with a suitable local beer. Cheers! 

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