Holiday plans

Winter with lots of storm, rain and changing temperatures. Hard to keep up with and not my favourite season. Fortunately we passed the shortest darkest day…now the days only get lighter and longer 🙂

To deal with the winter season in which riding does not happen a lot and Bumblebee is hanging on a battery charger I start making plans for the upcoming holidays. It is a great escape from reality. 

Nowadays there are so many options to virtually investigate destinations, routes and accomodations. Google maps is a great help combined with routes I search on motorcycle travel organizations and other sites to get inspired. Vimeo and YouTube have great examples of countries and routes as well. Combined they give me input for my road trip. 

It is always balancing between weather, luggage and camping or going for Airbnb/hotels. I love the motor campsites and hotels. So far I visited some in Germany, France and Luxembourg. Unfortunately they are not more widely spread over Europe, because it is always fun meeting other bikers combined with a relaxed atmosphere good food, a bar and a safe place for your bike. 

My suggestions so far:


Germany Westerwald

France Vogezen

France Drôme

France Auvergne

France Haut-Languedoc

For more options check out this site

Do you already have a road trip planned? Leave a comment 🙂

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