Ossi bikes in Berlin

Salt and snow on the roads…so unfortunately no riding on Bumblebee. But time to take off to Berlin for a long weekend of fun. Berlin used to be divided in East and West Berlin by the Berlin Wall and that is still visible nowadays years after the fall of the wall. Berlin is my favourite city because it has such a great mix between history and hip laid back open minded creative people. Berlin is always different every time I come. It’s great just roaming the streets discovering new things everywhere from street art to architecture to nice galleries and boutique’s.

If you are a motorcycle fan it is really nice to visit the Berliner DDR Motorrad Museum with lots of Ossi brands I didn’t know of. I stumbled upon EMW and thought wait a minute that is a BMW but with a red logo. I asked the cashier of the museum about it and he told me the story you can read yourself when you follow the EMW link. Check out my Instagram bikerbeeblog for more Berlin pictures. 

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