Beautiful spring time!

After such a long period with autumn & winter weather the weather is finally turning into nice spring weather although the mornings and evenings are still cold. The sun is strong and warm though. What I really like about spring is nature turning green and blossoming.

During an evening ride this week we came across beautiful rhododendrons and had to make some snapshots.

Last weekend we went to the Ardennes and rode in Luxembourg which is really bikers heaven with smooth roads and very nice curves. My parents joined us on the motorbikes including mom for the first time riding her own bike.

We rented a beautiful Airbnb family house which was built in 1632 situated in Wandebourcy, Houffalize. Just a 15 minute ride to Luxembourg.

Enjoy your rides and pay attention to traffic that is not used to motorbikes after the winter break, to busy on their cell phones while driving or not looking in their mirrors and over their shoulders before changing lane.

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