On the move

We are five days on the move now and what a ride! The landscape is changing all the time from a moon landscape to fields with purple flowers to fairy tale like waterfalls and glaciers.

Day 1 we drove the Golden circle which is very touristic but worth doing.

Day 2 we headed south to Selfoss. Day 3 we drove to Hvolsvöllur where we visited the beautiful waterfalls and took the bikes on the ferry to Heimaey. It is a beautiful green volcanic island. We drove up to the top (12%) and hiked a small trail. In the afternoon we enjoyed the sun and great food on the terrace of restaurant Gott. And the food was indeed Gott (=good)!

Next day we had a long ride from Hvolsvöllur to a cabin near Höfn but with an ever changing scenery, absolutely stunning. And really a lot to see like the cute puffins near the black beaches.

So far we have been very lucky. The weather has been great. Sunny, dry and not to windy. Although it stays light almost all night the temperature does drop fast in the evening.

When you stop to fuel up the stations often have a supermarket and food within. Fuel prices are around 1.72 € a liter and you can pay with your card choosing a fixed amount liters or simply fuel up.

We are wearing lots of layers which is very practical because one minute you are hiking up to a waterfall in the sun and another moment temperature drops with a chilly wind.

On the road you encounter narrow bridges, crossing sheep and sometimes Icelandic horses which are being led to different meadows. Also numerous pot holes in the road. Check my Facebookpage for more pictures.

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